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The holidays are here, and that means a number of you will be consuming cakes, cookies and other holiday treats. We wish you well and hope you enjoy all of them! To keep your teeth healthy during this sugar-heavy time of year, consider the following advice and how you could implement it. If you have any more inquiries, feel free to give us a call at 207-253-5600.

While we definitely like an awesome treat, we’d advise you to be wary around starchy sweets like baked goods and potato products. Starchy foods are infamous for sticking to teeth, making themselves tricky to remove even with a toothbrush and a full two minutes of brushing. Additionally, fruits and other foods with seeds can have a similar effect. If you are handed chips, a baked treat or food with seeds, ensure you take them with a small bit of water to help wash out the areas between your teeth. Also, be sure to floss between your teeth that day extra attentively. When food debris is left to sit on your teeth, they will eat away at the defensive layers and create cavities, so it’s important you extract any debris immediately.

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