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You may think that your semi-annual dental checkup is a time for your dentist and his team to catch up with you about your life and remove that pesky sesame seed that got wedged between your teeth during breakfast. You are correct, but so many more important steps occur during these visits that you don’t know about.

Dental checkups are the point at which your dentist can prevent or address developing dental problems such as gum disease and tooth decay. The problem is that many patients skip these visits because they do not believe there is anything wrong with their gums or teeth. Here are five important steps that occur during your dental checkup at Gannett Drive Dental:


  • Our team takes X-rays of your smile. Dental X-rays reveal what may be lurking below the surface of your smile, such as the beginning of tooth decay or bacteria deposits that could contribute to gum disease.
  • Our dental assistant reviews the X-rays and evaluates your oral health. X-ray results are as good as the expertise of the interpreter, and our team is highly trained and knowledgeable in gaining an accurate depiction of your oral health.
  • Dr. John Kivus looks at the X-rays, too, and performs a dental exam. Our dentist is involved in each visit to a) get to know you better as an individual and b) speak with you about your oral health and whether any additional treatment steps should be taken.
  • The dental hygienist performs a teeth cleaning. Remember that pesky sesame seed? Our skilled dental hygienist gently cleans between each tooth and under the gum line to remove plaque and food particles that could contribute to future dental problems.
  • We can recommend long-term preventive dentistry such as fluoride treatment. Fluoride and dental sealants can strengthen your smile against tooth decay to keep it healthy and strong between dental visits.


Contact our office at 207-253-5600 today to learn more about the important steps we take during your dental checkup in South Portland, Maine. We hope to hear from you!