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How to Adjust Your Diet to Your Dentures

February 22, 2018

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With new dentures also come many adjustments in your life, especially your diet. Eating with dentures may feel strange for a short time since dentures aren’t as sturdy as your natural teeth. You can become a pro in no time if you take some practice and know how to adjust your diet. Our dentists and team can guide you through how to eat with dentures and what may need to change in your diet.

Adjusting Takes Time

When you first receive your new denture, we encourage you to eat a diet of soft foods. Take small bites and chew slowly on both sides of your mouth to help you become accustomed to using your dental appliances.

Bite and Chew Carefully

Most people bite into food using their front teeth, but this can make dentures unstable and loose so that they shift around and irritate your gums. If you need to bite into a food, try to use your canines and not your foremost teeth. Then, chew with an even pressure on both sides of your mouth.

Building Confidence Over Time

The more you use your dentures, the more comfortable they will feel. Within a few days or weeks, you can begin eating firmer and tougher foods, but we encourage you to still avoid risky foods such as chewing gum, sharp bones and shells.

Long-Term Eating

Eating with dentures will eventually become second nature, allowing you to enjoy nearly the same diet you had your whole life. However, we advise against eating sticky or hard food, including nuts and seeds.

Please feel free to contact Gannett Drive Dental at 207-253-5600 today if you would like to speak with Drs. Kivus and Fillebrown about how to get used to dentures in South Portland, Maine.